Moleskine Launches Coloring Book for Adults

Moleskine Launches Coloring Book for Adults

Moleskine has unveiled its first-ever coloring book for adults, featuring dazzling drawings by the award-winning illustrator Carlo Stanga. Bringing the legendary Moleskine craftsmanship to a playful new genre, The Wandering City Coloring Book boasts fifty elaborate, imaginative ink cityscapes including busy squares and plazas, subway and train stations, gardens and parks, cathedrals, skyscrapers, and more.

The 96-page coloring book is printed on a sturdy paper stock, inviting the reader to adorn it with the colors of their choosing using anything from colored pencils and crayons to markers and pastels. Stanga, who is also an architect, blends styles from all over the world to create intricate urban labyrinths of plants, animals, human faces, buildings, and decorative details that provide for many mesmerizing, meditative hours of tracing lines and filling in spaces.

"I gave the title Wandering City because I am also an architect. I love cities and urban landscapes," Stanga said. "I love the frenzy and energy of cities. My intricate illustrations want to convey how a city is a labyrinth full of connections between people and things. The term Wander (from Wandering City) in German also has a double meaning: to walk and to change, which I think is well-fitting for a book on urban exploration."

Carlo Stanga

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