MindOverEye Creates Dazzling Three-Floor Installation in Petersen Auto Museum

MindOverEye Creates Dazzling Three-Floor Installation in Petersen Auto Museum

MindOverEye has recently completed an elaborate, eye-catching installation in Los Angeles's newly remodeled Petersen Automotive Museum. MindOverEye was tasked with weaving a visual narrative on the three floors of the Petersen, which are respectively tethered to the themes of "Artistry of the Automobile," "Thrill of Motorsports," and "Road to Stardom." The studio produced the content utilizing design, CG/animation, creative editorial, projection mapping and live action to highlight the aesthetic beauty of automobiles and its impact in the world of motorsports and its influence on Hollywood.

"Artistry of the Automobile" is large-scale abstract experiential video installation displayed on an uninterrupted arced wall that measures 16-feet high and 166-feet wide. Located on the main floor of the Mullin Gallery, this piece contemplates the spark of inspiration as related to automotive design. MindOverEye's Founder and Executive Creative Director Bill Wadsworth composed the original score using a hybrid surround configuration to bring forth a massive spatialization of music and sound design, resulting in a video loop totaling approximately 12 minutes.

"Thrill of Motorsports" is an extensive, immersive video set piece, located on the 2nd floor in the Charles Nearburg Family Gallery, displayed on a 180-degree arced wall that measures seven-feet high and 134-feet wide. This piece transports us to a day in the life of auto racing across multiple forms utilizing stock footage as well as live action shot by MindOverEye's team. For the live action portion, MindOverEye built a custom nine-camera array that housed custom optics, translating into a 23,000-pixel-wide projection.

On the third floor in the Hollywood Gallery, "Road to Stardom" tips its hat to Hollywood, celebrating the automotive industry's unique contribution to the film and TV industries, with iconography of famous roadsters ranging from Herbie the Love Bug to the Munsters Mobile as well as the original Batmobile.