ArDe - A New Contemporary Architecture, Landscape and Design Fair

ArDe: A New Contemporary Architecture, Landscape and Design Fair

ArDe is a new concept 8-day exhibition and conference that will, for the first time, unite the disciplines of architecture, art, design, development, property, technology and finance. It will ask big questions about how the city can change and adapt to respond to new paradigms, swelling populations and global markets, proposing ways for all those involved in the urban fabric to work together to create resilient, sustainable and beautiful cities.

"ArDe is a show that brings together worlds of architecture, property and design to create a unique dialogue about the future of our cities," stated Sam Jacob, Architecture curator of the event. "And, sited right in the heart of London, it's about creating a public debate with the city and its citizens too."

Through immersive, interactive and sometimes performative installations and events, ArDe will explore the urgent issues of today's and tomorrow's built environment by examining the daily rituals that we perform in our cities - from eating to sleeping, washing to travelling, playing to working. In the near future, will we be working from bed, or sleeping in the office? Will we wash in communal bathhouses, drink from public water troughs, or play at work?

Visitors will be invited on an experiential journey through a series of uniquely curated installations, entitled New Rituals for Urban Living, that give a glimpse into the future of our living spaces - environments that question and provoke, that encourage us to safeguard our future, whilst savouring our present.

The ArDe Property Exhibition's multimedia environment will present the near future of London, showcasing the schemes that are helping to position the capital as one of the greatest cities in the world. The public will be able to 'visit' the schemes of today and tomorrow, the groundbreaking developments that are responding to users changing needs and impacting on our urban landscape, the out-of-the-box thinking that is the future of city making.

Alongside the exhibition, a two-day ideas conference at neighbouring King's College will bring together the major players in the built environment - from planners to politicians, sociologists to designers - to ask big questions about population growth, climate change and resource scarcity.

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