Bloomx by FilzFelt

Bloomx by FilzFelt

FilzFelt has unveiled Bloomx, a modular screening system where design and mathematics converge. Named for it's petal shape and the exponent 'x' representing infinite possibilities in size, color, and design, Bloomx is a flexible, modern screening system made from one repeated module.

Designed by Italian graphic designer Chiara Debenedetti, Bloomx provides soft and textural space separation as eye-catching room dividers with an interesting play of positive and negative space.

The single module - a clean, six-petal form - assembles with a simple tab and slot connection and openings between modules allow maximum light and sightlines to beyond. This clever product can grow or shrink by simply adding or removing modules. Add to the mix 63 colors of 100% Wool Design Felt that can be arranged in a variety of ways and this product provides countless sizes, shapes, and color configurations. Have a change of heart later on? The panels can be quickly and easily reassembled.

The modules are CNC cut 3mm Design Felt and connect to headers above. Several header options accommodate a range of assembled panels sizes including headers that link together and ending headers for the left or right sides. By connecting multiple linking headers, large expanses of color and pattern can be created. As an added bonus, Bloomx is compatible with FilzFelt's Hanging Panel Track System, allowing a complete solution.

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