MotionElements Launches AudioSearch

MotionElements Launches AudioSearch

MotionElements will launch AudioSearch, a tool that for the first time makes it drag-and-drop simple for creators to find the perfect music to use in their projects, on January 11.

"AudioSearch solves one of the biggest challenges YouTubers, video producers, editors, podcasters and other video creators face. It's very difficult to find high quality music that fits the mood and specific requirements of their projects," said Mark Sun, Co-founder and CTO of MotionElements. "Maybe there's a song you or your client love, but you can't use it because licensing fees would be cost prohibitive. Maybe you're trying to find an outro track that's similar to your intro music. AudioSearch helps you find similar, original music that also fits your budget."

AudioSearch is drag-and-drop simple to use. Rather than trying to dream up appropriate keywords or manually input criteria like tempo and key, a user simply selects a music file on the computer and drags it onto the MotionElements search box.

In seconds, advanced algorithms analyze the rhythm, structure and chord progression of a song. Based on this, it returns dozens of relevant results from MotionElements' catalog of more than 170,000 royalty-free songs and sound effects. Users can also use AudioSearch to find songs similar to one in an existing set of search results with a single click of a search icon.


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