BIID Conference 2016 - Interior Identities

BIID Conference 2016: Interior Identities

The BIID Conference 2016: Interior Identities will take place June 16, 2016 at a brand new venue - London's Royal Geographical Society. This year, the conference will explore the theme of cultural, social and individual identities in interior design.

An impressive line-up of speakers from different disciplines will explore how the identities of people, cultures and contexts intersect with and influence our interior environments. The theme will be approached from varying perspectives, covering identities in relation to interior designers and their clients, the spaces they create and the places where these concepts are conceived.

"The BIID is delighted to announce the 2016 annual conference," commented Daniel Hopwood, President of the BIID. "The theme of this year's conference gives us a unique opportunity to dissect the complex concept of 'identity' in interior design and we hope will help our profession to understand and elevate its role in shaping the identity of place. We are looking forward to a hugely engaging, informative and entertaining day."

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