John Lutz to Lead Experiential Graphic Design Community

John Lutz to Lead Experiential Graphic Design Community

Award-winning graphic designer John Lutz, partner in the Chicago office of Selbert Perkins Design, will lead the global community of experiential graphic designers as president of SEGD, the Society for Experiential Graphic Design.

"The role and impact of Experiential Graphic Design in our world continues to grow as digital technology blurs the lines between physical and virtual (information-based) experiences and dramatically reshapes public spaces," commented Lutz, whose work includes branding, placemaking and wayfinding projects for corporate and public clients worldwide.

"As we move toward Smart Cities enabled by the Internet of Things and public spaces that are increasingly more interactive, Experiential Graphic Designers are stepping forward as the natural leaders in creating spaces that are easy to understand, user-centric, functional and beautiful," he added.

Lutz leads a professional association that is helping to evolve the discipline formerly known as environmental graphic design. SEGD initiatives in recent years have focused on expanding the community to include digital technology providers, content and experience designers and creative technologists. In addition, SEGD has put major emphasis on attracting youth members.

"We hear more and more from the established members of our community that they are struggling to find good designers with strong foundational skills and digital experience," Lutz noted. "On the other hand, we hear from students and younger designers that they want to work for firms that are developing their digital competencies, as there is a lot more scope and potential for them there."


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