VECTARY - Online 3D Design Tool

VECTARY: Online 3D Design Tool

VECTARY, to be launched this Spring, is a browser based 3D design tool for modeling, customization and sharing, that provides easy ways to create complex models. It helps makers, hobbyists and DIYers worldwide to model by offering them various ways to easily generate custom shapes in their browser. This new approach is based around parametric plugins for speeding up the design process and bringing ease of use to the masses. It also means your models are automatically saved into the cloud, without any need for installation nor configuration, completely device independent.

"As a company, we strongly believe in agility, interoperability and openness," commented Pavol Sovis, CTO of VECTARY, "This means that we plan to open up our API in the future, to allow users to create their own plugins to generate custom models within VECTARY, meaning that truly the only limit on what users will be able to create, will be their imagination."

VECTARY is open to a limited number of early access signups, offering interested users a sneak peek preview into this new platform.