KNOF Creates Spectacular 360° Sunrise-Sunset Penthouse in Sofia

KNOF Creates Spectacular 360° Sunrise-Sunset Penthouse in Sofia

KNOF Design has completed its first major commission: the remodelling of a spectacular 360° penthouse in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia, uniting two separate apartments into a single 3,600 sq ft space. The new, one-storey penthouse features floor-to-ceiling glazing all the way round and offers its owners incredible panoramic views over the city and adjacent mountains with all the benefits of continuous natural light, from sunrise through to sunset.

"Our clients - an international family of four - purchased the flats in a prominent high rise in the city," commented Susan Knof, Creative Director and Founder of KNOF design, "and briefed us to combine the apartments to create a single, luxurious, bright and open environment, which would make the best use of the incoming light at different times of the day, but which would also allow them to control the degree of privacy they wanted at particular times or for particular spaces."

The light-privacy balance in the penthouse was achieved by fitting soft voiles all the way around the 360° glazing, as well as black-out blinds, so that the owners have the choice of completely open living; light-filled but private living using the voiles or else blocking the light out completely - perfect for watching movies for example.

"Making the most of the light throughout the day also meant the interiors scheme was predominantly created in natural and light colours," added Susan Knof, "from the pale-wash of the timber flooring to the pure white of the kitchen. To ensure the apartment had personality accents, strong and punchy colour was also introduced, especially for the children's bedrooms and playroom and the scheme's stunning ensuites in purple and green mosaic."

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