WE ARE LA - Nike Store Mural at The Grove

WE ARE LA: Nike Store Mural at The Grove

Denton-Cardew Design (DCD) has created a 48ft tall Mural for an elevator core inside the new Nike Store at The Grove in Los Angeles. The idea was to create a multi-athlete collage, made entirely of custom designed icons that needed to represent the various sport categories inside the store, as well as icons that represented recognizable LA landmarks.

DCD partnered with MathXJoy to create 200+ icons, and with guidance and direction from Nike Retail Brand team, developed a style that needed to compliment some existing Nike Brand logos. Great detail was needed in the athletes faces so that they were recognizable, and so DCD created an algorithm to handle the hundreds of thousands of icons needed to build the collage. DCD also grouped the icons by sports, so that their position on the mural co-incided with the floors of the store.

Denton-Cardew Design