Scottish Designers Launch Zero Waste Couture Collections

Scottish Designers Launch Zero Waste Couture Collections

Two Scottish designers have transformed unwanted clothing donated to the charity into striking high-fashion collections challenging perceptions of textile waste. The new ranges, including a combination of clothing and accessories, are the finished product of a 12-week residency by print specialists Aimee Kent and Black Cherry Studio.

The project was designed to remind people clothing always has value and should never be thrown away. The fabulous collections are now estimated by the designers to be worth at least an £4,000 each.

"We are really impressed by the final collections," commented Lynn Wilson, textiles manager, Zero Waste Scotland. "Both designers have completely transformed old, unwanted garments into gorgeous new garments which are completely unrecognisable.

"All textiles have a value and can be used again and again. Clothing should never be put in the general waste bin and I believe our talented designers have spectacularly proved with this chic collection, inspired by the Salvation Army, that there's an inherent value in clothing - and if you're finished with it, someone else can use it!"

An expert fashion panel will now appraise the collections and deliver their professional valuations on how much the newly created pieces are worth. The collections will then be sold with proceeds shared between the designers and the Salvation Army Trading Company.