Construction Climate Talks Episode 2 - Josefina Lindblom

Construction Climate Talks Episode 2: Josefina Lindblom

In the second episode of the Construction Climate Talks series released today, Josefina Lindblom, Policy Adviser at the European Commission, responsible for their work on Resource Efficiency in the Building Sector, addresses questions such as 'what is a green building?' - a question that is hard to define at a conceptual level.

"For many people, a green building is an energy efficient building... focusing on the use phase of the building," explains Josefina. She argues for a wider approach to evaluating the performance and resource efficiency of the building across the entire life cycle. "A wider approach to the use of buildings is necessary. From the extraction and production of the materials, to the construction and use of the building, but also the end of life phase and what happens then."

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