Seattle Fortune 100 Uses Wayfinding Easter Eggs

Seattle Fortune 100 Uses Wayfinding Easter Eggs

Michael Courtney Design has spent the past few years designing the EGD for a Fortune 100 company (and their developers) building an in-city neighborhood in Seattle for their expected 27,000 new employees - a population the size of a state university.

The fun and challenging part of the project was following the client's directive to integrate "Easter Eggs" into the work; delightful, interesting images and ideas employees would find in surprising places.

Guide, Direct and Inform

The neighborhood's urban landscape varies with new and old buildings. MCD designed a series of directories to place in plazas and public spaces around the company's neighborhood to help visitors and employees from all over the world find their way. For ease of recognition and continuity across all languages, MCD recommended a consistent, cohesive design with a contemporary look and feel.

Each Directory has three panels mounted to the Directory mast. The top panel holds directional information; center panel contains a neighborhood map and retail directory; and lower panel has the Easter Eggs - colorful photos of bicycles, crayons, bouncy balls, cranberries and more, a subtle reference to items you might buy online from this company.

With 14 buildings built or under construction and more in the pipeline, MCD used this expandable theme for new Directories as the company's neighborhood grows.

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