Viral Voices V - Architecture in Motion

Viral Voices V: Architecture in Motion

Viral Voices V: Architecture in Motion, a panel discussion to be held April 6th at the Center for Architecture, will explore architecture through media in motion. It will look at how the field has evolved in the social media age through the introduction of various technologies, such as film and virtual reality, and business models, such as crowdsourcing.

Panelists will look at architecture as the intersection of environment, technology, and design, and will question how these innovations will influence the new careers of tomorrow.

Speakers include David Basulto, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, ArchDaily; David Assael, CEO, ArchDaily; Ian Harris, Founder, Arbuckle Industries; George Valdes, VP Product, IrisVR; Ekaterina Zavyalova, Co-Founder, FOAM; Architectural Designer, CDR Studio; and Benjamin Prosky, Executive Director, AIANY/Center for Architecture.

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