ICE Kitchen Installation by Tom Dixon

ICE Kitchen Installation by Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon recently designed the ICE Kitchen for Caesarstone. The installation was on view at the Interior Design Show, Toronto.

ICE was inspired by Canada's impressive frozen lakes and the formidable icebreakers that clear the way for freighters during the winter. Powering their way through the ice, they leave behind a frozen mix of jagged pieces in a spectacular array of whites and greys. Created using Caesarstone, a series of large monolithic triangular prisms in different sizes and heights form the base of the ice kitchen creating food prep area, serving stations, surfaces and stools.

"In our Toronto show we proposed a food preparation and consumption space, which draws on the analogy of the kitchen as an alchemist's laboratory where raw materials are transformed into treasure through the elemental process of freezing, melting, shaving and cooking with ice," commented Dixon. "Where the contemporary kitchen seeks to hide the activities behind a series of minimal blocks, here we exposed the chopping, the steaming, the freezing, the scouring and the disposal of waste in all its active glory."

Photography: Vicky Lam

Tom Dixon

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