UNICEF Releases Unfairy Tales Animated Series

UNICEF Releases Unfairy Tales Animated Series

Together with 180LA, UNICEF has released "Unfairy Tales," an animated film series to promote their global initiative #actofhumanity. This campaign illustrates the most deadly and complex conflict of our time. Now in its' fifth year the Syrian crisis is affecting millions and is being felt across continents.

Malak and the Boat tells seven-year-old Malak's harrowing story of his journey across the Mediterranean Sea in a leaky boat seeking shelter from the Syrian conflict.

A second film, Ivine and Pillow, tells of Ivine, a 14-year old girl in Syria who lives through bombings that kill family members while she manages to settle at a refugee camp in Germany only to face new challenges.

Finally the third of the series, Mustafa Goes for a Walk, takes viewers along Mustafa's journey as he escapes Syria in fear of being killed, leaving his friends behind. Even his toys, that give him some semblance of home, do not make it along with him.

"Everybody seems to know what's happening in Syria. But, do they know what's happening to Malak, Ivine, Mustafa and the other eight million children affected by the war?" asks Eduardo Marques, Executive Creative Director at ad agency 180LA, which produced the campaign. "We needed to tell these stories and make everyone rethink it."

The campaign was conceived and creative directed by ad agency 180LA. The films were produced with help from animation houses Consulado, House of Colors, Bubba's Chop Shop and Gilles+Cecilie Studio, along with Media Monks, which is producing the interactive e-book.