JOI-Design Creates Interiors for Premier Inn's First German Hotel in Frankfurt am Main

JOI-Design Creates Interiors for Premier Inn's First German Hotel in Frankfurt am Main

JOI-Design created the elegant interiors for the new Premier Inn Frankfurt Messe located in the city's lively central Europaviertel district. The result combines distinctive British style with a touch of humour, attention to detail, and the comfort of an open-plan layout.

The Frankfurt Premier Inn blends the traditional and the modern with a mix of natural timbers and rich, saturated colours. These are brought to life by vibrant accents of turquoise, sunshine yellow and violet that enhance the hotel's inviting feel.

As a contemporary take on a typical British library, the lobby is a multipurpose living space - a welcoming and up-to-the-minute lounge where busy young travellers can unwind, recharge their batteries, and work side-by-side with others. The tables in the cleverly planned work zone incorporate state-of-the-art data technology to support guests as they prepare for meetings or check emails.

Large seating areas with classic Chesterfield sofas and comfortable armchairs invite guests to relax and linger. Open shelves separate the lobby, work zone and dining areas to create a degree of privacy.

In the breakfast room, bar and restaurant, deep rich tones are accented in violet and turquoise. Other distinctive features include an eclectic assortment of pendant lights, a metal bar, riveted wall panels, and a wide variety of seating such as high-backed armchairs covered in checked Burlington upholstery.

The word "MENU" emblazoned in glowing marquee lights injects an energetic vibe that not only combines decorative appeal with wayfinding practicalities, it also accentuates the hotel's motto: "Walk In and Enjoy."

Photography: Christian Kretschmar

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