WG+P Designs New Fishing Lodge Within UK's Largest Angling Site

WG+P Designs New Fishing Lodge Within UK's Largest Angling Site

WG+P (Waind Gohil+Potter Architects) have been appointed to design a new pavilion at Farlows Lake, the UK's top carp fishery. The site is in the heart of the Colne Valley in Buckinghamshire set within the green belt and covers over 25 acres of lake attracting many thousands of visitors a year.

The new lodge will replace a temporary building made from containers that currently sits on a peninsular surrounded by a group of lakes known collectively as Farlows Lake. The brief for a permanent facility was to design a contemporary practical pavilion that could be delivered within in a tight timeframe and modest budget, yet continue to bring intrigue and refinement to this prime position bordering the lake.

WG+P's design is largely a pre-fabricated modular single storey timber structure that combines a natural and raw aesthetic approach with sophisticated detailing, a structure that will integrate into the surrounding trees and green belt.

A repetitive design form is arranged in a sweeping crescent with a light-weight metal roof 'floating' over the top. A limited number of materials are used for the building which also needed to incorporate a large tackle shop, café, wash rooms and office space.

The glulam timber frame is designed to be pre-fabricated off-site along with the walls and roof which will arrive as pre-made/pre-insulated panels that are then craned into place. This on-site assembly of frame and un-clad envelope will take under a month to construct meaning Farlows Lake can continue to fully operate for the majority of the Spring.

The design was allowed a 'lighter' touch given that visitors to Farlow's go primarily to fish and are familiar with braving the elements, so will not expect a warm retreat. This enabled a sustainable approach with minimal heating and thermal performance, which meant by developing an envelope that would usually be substandard by normal measure, less materials were needed for construction and single glazing appropriate. Furthermore, the lake itself can be used to heat the lodge by linking a heat pump to coils of pipe laid within the water.

"A fishing lodge lends itself to being a simple timber structure but we wanted to bring elegance to the design along with refined detailing," commented James Potter, WG+P Director. "It was crucial for the pavilion to sit comfortably and blend within the landscape, hopefully our design raises the bar for lodge design."

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