La Boite Concept's LP 160 Wins Red Dot Product Design Award

La Boite Concept's LP 160 Wins Red Dot Product Design Award

La Boite Concept won two 2016 Red Dot Product Design Awards, one for the LP 160, the latest addition to the brand, and the second for the Cube Corian Series, released in collaboration with the french designer Samuel Accoceberry.

The LP 160 is a high-end all in one loudspeaker which gives you the best sound from traditional audio devices (turntables and discs) and wireless devices (tablets, smartphones, laptops, streamers). In accordance with traditional Hi-Fi fundamentals, LP's analogue amplifier delivers a warm, natural sound and also integrates the latest digital sound treatment, so it is truly part of the era of dematerialized Hi-Fi music.

3 years of research was necessary to create a design that reproduces all frequencies in a dynamic and linear way. Its exclusive system means that, despite its compact size, it offers natural listening conditions, very close to those obtained when listening to an orchestra live. Optimizing the whole signal processing chain, via pre-amplification, converters, amplification, and filtering, to the loudspeakers offers unprecedented performance. LP clears the tones of extreme frequencies and gives a pure dynamic to sound recordings so you are always as close as possible to the original sound.

LP was designed by Timothée Cagniard, co-founder of La Boite concept, and by Yvon Maurel, La Boite technical director. It has a rigid, wooden cabinet. The control panels are manufactured from solid aluminium. The side support legs and covers are made to your choice (can be detached for transportation) in black lacquered piano-like plywood or solid oak tree.

The Cube Corian, a High-Fidelity speaker system, allows you to wirelessly connect all audio sources (computers, tablets, smartphones, turntables, TV) for benefiting from a High Quality and deep sound. Compact nevertheless powerful, the Cube elegantly integrates itself in your home interior.

Photography: David Meignan

Samuel Accoceberry

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