Absurd Bird by DesignLSM

Absurd Bird by DesignLSM

DesignLSM created the striking interiors for a new Southern US inspired restaurant Absurd Bird, based in Spitalfields, London. The innovative restaurant concept offers the humble delights of spatch-cocked smoked chicken with an 'Absurd' twist introducing city diners to the unusual pairings of 'chicken and waffle' and 'sweet potato marshmallow bake.'

Founded by an American Chef and Young Entrepreneur the story behind Absurd Bird is inspired by an amusing tale of the adventure of two rebellious birds who decide to jail break out of the cuckoo's nest and embark on a memorable journey together. As the brand's story slowly unfolds the true essence of Absurd Bird is revealed.

To capture Absurd Bird's playful identity and reflect the quirkiness of the menu with a modern yet nostalgic design inspired by the backwaters of America's deep south. The overall concept is set across two floors combining a warm and rustic all-day dining environment on the ground floor with a relaxed and intimate evening cocktail bar in the basement.

In the upstairs restaurant the reclaimed wooden seating, taken from old US barns, combined with corrugated timber panels brings a raw aesthetic into the space which is bought to live with playful touches of flannel shirt upholstery and vibrant neon signage. It continues through bespoke birch tree chandeliers, up-lit birdhouses and bizarre binocular spotlights suspended over the cement tables, each of which are brandished with bird footprints left by the feathery outlaws on their chaotic journey.

The absurdness ventures into the restroom space where our interiors team designed the weird and wonderful feature of a suitcase vanity unit, which when opened displays a bird watcher's map illustrating the brand's story further.

In contrast the basement design is reminiscent of an authentic 1920's speakeasy bar with a luxurious yet worn feel throughout the space. The bar is a prominent feature designed with a grand marble top, brass trim and beautifully ornate wooden frontage decorated with a distressed paint effect. The decadent booths are framed by luxurious fabrics and bespoke wallpaper that depicts vintage oil paintings - a perfectly intimate spot to enjoy a 'moonshine' cocktail whilst indulging in a spot of ornithology.