Sephora Beauty T.I.P. Workshop

Sephora Beauty T.I.P. Workshop

Unveiled in November 2015 on Powell Street in San Francisco, Sephora's latest retail concept called the Beauty T.I.P (teach, inspire, play) Workshop, merges the brand's core values - teach, inspire, play to bring next-level service and education to the store's diverse client profiles, developed in partnership between UXUS and Sephora's Store Design team.

The new store offers a complete 360-degree experience, where every purchase is a learning moment tailored to different client needs. The concept's design takes a refined and contemporary approach, focusing on simple materials to facilitate education and spontaneous product play at every turn.

Effortless architectural forms define each category studio, staging products to help clients find exactly what they need from an ever-changing spectrum of products. While integrated digital touch points across all studios enable a more enhanced and connected customer experience.

The store experience comes full circle at the Beauty Workshop Table. As the social heart of the store, it is where stories are shared and the client's beauty discovered. The area's central table is host to daily beauty classes. Its innovative and interactive design allows for a seamless transition for self- learning and discovery via build in iPad tutorial stations, events and cross-category class schedules led by facilitators.

The workshop area's Beauty Board bridges the live store experience with Sephora's digital services, acting as a social hub for sharing looks, products and techniques with fellow beauty peers and watching beauty workshops any time of the day.

The main point of sale is boldly branded with the iconic Sephora stripes, ending the store experience with an impactful signature. Spontaneous communication points around the area offer final moments of learning, while also encouraging the upsell of last-minute add-ons. The Beauty T.I.P. Workshop evolves Sephora from a house of brands to the ultimate peer-to-peer education hub for the beauty community, where clients discover the perfect products and looks, just for them.

The Powell store location served as the pilot store for the new concept. The second store Beauty T.I.P. Workshop opened in Boston at the Prudential Center in early 2016, with a plan to roll out the concept and features to additional locations in the USA throughout 2016 and beyond.


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