Ogle Mini by Form Us With Love

Ogle Mini by Form Us With Love

Ten years ago, Form Us With Love unveiled the first prototype of the Ogle light fixture to Swedish manufacturer ateljé Lyktan. This year, the design studio revisits their own design, introducing an even more versatile pendant-the Ogle Mini.

"We believe it is healthy to return to our own designs. Revisiting the original idea, in this case, allowed for us to identify new wall attachments, table solutions and adress the overall functionality with a fresh pair of eyes," said John Löfgren, Creative Director at Form Us With Love. "As a result we have a collection which is easier to navigate."

Initially, Ogle was a simple but great idea-a minimal pendant with a spotlight function, effectively a sphere and pipe, initially made for a hotel in Stockholm. The first Ogle was produced by ateljé Lyktan and launched in 2010. After six years in the market and thousands of light fixtures sold every year, the Ogle series is being revisited, in what could be seen as an extension of the original idea.

Updated, in a die casted aluminum structure and a new lighting solution, the Ogle collection is re-entering the stage with leverage. Measuring only 90cm, Ogle mini is also a proof of technical evolution as the sophistication of the fixtures allows for a neater, slimed shape.

"Is is about adding dignity and layering abilities; the material adds weight, the technical upgrade brings exclusivity and the intuitive gear lever function allows for the eye to shift it's gaze in a cluster of mini pendants," Löfgren explained.

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