Pininfarina Home Design

Pininfarina Home Design

Pininfarina recently unveiled 'Pininfarina Home Design,' a concept project realized in partnership with Reflex, Snaidero and Casalgrande Padana.

Pininfarina Home Design represents the Pininfarina vision for interiors. It is a collection of furniture and proposals for different homes combined with Pininfarina's unique, sophisticated and innovative style.

Pininfarina Home Design features Segno Collection, an integrated living system that includes a modular sofa, a table, a cabinet, a bookcase and two lighting systems. The collection is characterized by pure and elegant lines, by dynamic shapes that evolving in the space give shape to new functions. The use of copper is a further trait d'union that, combined with the walnut Canaletto wood, confer a unique and distinctive character to the collection.

Ola20, Idea and Ola25, the last jewels of the collaboration that tied Snaidero and Pininfarina for over 25 years, are the proposals for the kitchen space of the project.


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