La Cité du Vin in Bordeaux Celebrates the Art, Culture and Commerce of Wine

La Cité du Vin in Bordeaux Celebrates the Art, Culture and Commerce of Wine

Casson Mann has created the permanent tour at the heart of Bordeaux's new landmark attraction. Celebrating the story of wine across 22 interactive installations and exhibits, the permanent exhibition occupies 3000m2 in the extraordinary building by XTU.

Responsible for conceptualizing and art directing all elements of the permanent visitor experience, including audio-visual and media elements, Casson Mann's ambitious scenographic vision and interior concept is sympathetic to the form, materials and spirit of an innovative architectural concept that references the liquid turbulence of poured wine.

Through a series of spectacular, innovative and playful displays, the center celebrates the links between wine, culture, history and society, so significant to this area of France, and which are shared by wine-producing nations across the globe.

Structured into themes, different large and small-scale exhibits feature interactive experiences that stimulate the senses - sight, sound, touch, and smell. They range from spectacular helicopter fly-overs of the world's most stunning vineyards where visitors can literally smell the vines on a perfect spring day, intimate galleries in which visitors can examine the detail of historical documents and artefacts close up, to innovative displays that deconstruct wine making process and invite visitors to delve into the colour, taste, feel and aroma notes of different wines.

A truly international experience, visitors will be guided through the various installations with the help of an innovative personalised headset that dynamically translates the audio content into one of 8 languages. Unique in its off ear design, the headset simultaneously translates while enabling the visitor to remain connected to the soundscape and people around them.

Photography: Nick Guttridge

Casson Mann

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