Smart-Grid Living - Frey Architekten Unveils the Smart Green Tower

Smart-Grid Living: Frey Architekten Unveils the Smart Green Tower

The Smart Green Tower is a 51-meter-high residential and commercial tower, which on account of its planned size, architecture and environmental configuration, is slated to become a flagship project in the area of innovative building-integrated energy systems.

Frey Architekten purposely deviated from common standard architectural aesthetics and placed its focus on a building whose outward appearance purposely makes the overall energy concept visible. Not only are photovoltaic modules installed on the roof, but the façade is also activated for energy generation and provided with circumferential PV modules; on the one hand, its purpose is to harvest energy where it is needed and the other hand, it is designed to protect the façade from overheating.

The whole mixed-use complex of both commercial and residential space will be realized on a 5,600 square meter plot and consists of a main building and two wings with a total gross floor area of approximately 15,000 square meters plus garage space. The main building will be realized as a round 48-meter-high tower, which finds its completion by a solar hut on top, on account of which the main building will reach a total height of about 51 meters.

The Smart Green Tower will generate its own energy, in a volume that temporarily exceeds its own consumption and can thus be used by other buildings in the neighborhood. An intelligent energy management within and outside of the building will enable an optimized regulation of all local energy flows. The system includes a highly efficient PV system on the roof combined with PV façade modules with a power output of about 400 kWp; a highly efficient energy storage of about 0.5 MWh in the form of a lithium-ion battery, perspectively enhanced with additional battery systems, for example in the form of vanadium redox flow batteries; and the integration of a - currently in development - energy management system 
for the meaningful use and distribution of energy which extends beyond the building, in order to also include the district 

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