DesignLSM Creates Interiors for Sourced Market in Marylebone

DesignLSM Creates Interiors for Sourced Market in Marylebone

DesignLSM has recently completed the interior design for Sourced Market in Marylebone; taking the original concept from their first site in St Pancras and creating a new destination market place, where customers can discover the fresh quality of locally and ethically sourced British produce.

Founded in the summer of 2007 by two music industry professionals, Sourced Market was created with the idea of bringing an authentic food offering to the masses at music festivals. After a year of success at selling premium fresh cuisine around the UK, they quickly realised the high demand for quality, locally sourced produce.

DesignLSM's brief was to expand upon the existing site at St Pancras with the additions of a coffee counter, bakery, juice bar, hot deli counter and the unique feature of a dedicated craft beer and wine cellar. The space needed to reflect the brand's fresh take-away products but also host a new area for customers to relax in and sample the bespoke beverage offering. The design elements were carefully considered to embrace the unique characteristics of a farmers market, encompassing the variety of the retail offering and creating a visual journey for the customer.

The indoor market place is housed in a striking building located in the bustling area of Wigmore Street in London's West End. The site is a large, light space with an industrial feel; surrounded by floor to ceiling windows which are adorned with seasonal displays of sumptuous produce. Our designers utilised a bold colour palette, taking advantage of the natural light, distinguishing each retail area through the use of block colour and varying materials.

In contrast to the lively upstairs environment the basement bottle shop has been designed to convey a warm evening ambience suitable for tasting and networking events. This interior has been created with a raw and stripped back look made up of timber tones, stainless steel details and reclaimed butler sinks to accompany the bespoke offering of craft beers and wines available on tap for customers to dispense into refillable bottles and glasses.


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