The Pantone Cafe - Intersecting Dining and Design

The Pantone Cafe: Intersecting Dining and Design

For its second season, the Pantone Cafe - the most Instagrammable restaurant in the world - returns to Monaco. Intersecting the food and design spaces, it's the world's only restaurant featuring a Pantone color-coded menu.

The Pantone Café gives a new meaning to a multi-sensory culinary experience. With a focus on healthy products, customization, and engagement, this year's café is colored in PANTONE 18-1764 ("Monte Carlo Red") and boasts a brand new menu featuring sandwiches, salads, pastries, cocktails, coffee, and an array of fresh, cold pressed juices. Items are named after the color of an entire item, a specific ingredient, or reference a brand's signature hue, such as "Heineken Green."

"In today's design obsessed culture, food provides one more avenue for artistic expression," commented Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute. "Presentation is key as food's taste gives way to a panoply of tints and tones enticing to the eye. Each color has its own different taste, smell, texture, and personality, all of which come together to inspire the soul and whet the appetite."