Cirkus Pops and Twists with Paddle Pop

Cirkus Pops and Twists with Paddle Pop

Mullen Lowe Indonesia recently approached Cirkus to be involved in Unilever's brand new global campaign for Paddle Pop.

The work included the re-design of existing characters - Romain Borrel led a team of illustrators and 3D modelers to come up with a fresh new look for Max, Leena, Higga, Twitch and Spike, and transform them to suit a 21st century pre-teen market; giving them distinct personalities to be used on packaging as well as on all animated content.

Along with a young Boy and Girl, they feature in the two spots executed by Cirkus, Duo Pops: Flying Fox and Twister: Higga's Lab. In both spots, Max the Lion and the Boy show us just how fun the Paddle Pop ice creams can be.

Cirkus also produced a bit of live action for the campaign - this was shot on location in central Auckland's Albert Park with a fantastic Kiwi crew, and used as consumption shots for a version of both films.