Construction Climate Talks Episode 5 - Reducing Carbon Footprint in Cities

Construction Climate Talks Episode 5: Reducing Carbon Footprint in Cities

Since November 2015, the web TV series Construction Climate Talks has aired four episodes. The fifth episode of Construction Climate Talks with Carina Borgström-Hansson, Expert on Ecological Footprint at WWF, addresses the challenges that come with urbanization and what has to be done to reduce CO2 emissions.

In her work Hansson focuses on how sustainable urban development could improve lives of billions while simultaneously reducing our carbon footprint on the planet. "People living in cities currently account for more than 70 percent of the global carbon emissions, but it does not have to be that way," Hansson states. "The problem today with urbanization is that we are not really tapping the potential of building cities that radically reduce our carbon footprint while also improving wellbeing. All the new urban areas need to be constructed with the best available technology and using best practice urban planning."

The Construction Climate Challenge (CCC) is an initiative hosted by Volvo Construction Equipment to promote sustainability throughout the entire construction industry value chain and provide funding for environmental research.