From Museums to Beyond - SEGD's 2016 Exhibition and Experience Design Event

From Museums to Beyond: SEGD's 2016 Exhibition & Experience Design Event

Experiences like museum exhibitions are evolving rapidly. People are experiencing dynamic installations inside traditional museums, within corporate and community visitor centers, inside sports venues and even on the streets of our cities.

The Society for Experiential Graphic Design will host its one full-day workshop event E&E: Exhibition & Experience Design, on August 18, at the AIA headquarters building, followed by a half day of tours on August 19.

The event will help designers craft more meaningful experiences for their audience, balance new media/transmedia and traditional techniques in exhibitions and explore what ideas the next generation of experience designers are embracing.

"The E&E, or Exhibition and Experience Design event is a distinct opportunity for professionals working in different practice areas and specialties in experiential design to learn from and be inspired by each other, hone their skills and utilize new ideas and interactive technology in museums and non-traditional exhibition spaces," said Justin Molloy, SEGD's Director of Education. "We're very excited to offer an exhibition and experience design event in Washington DC again. In 2014, we broke all attendance records for a one-day event, and it's shaping up to be even more popular in 2016."

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