Layered - Data Representations in Infrastructure and Design

Layered: Data Representations in Infrastructure and Design

Our city operates on multiple layers of data; it lives and breathes information. Until recently, much of that data was invisible and inaccessible to the public. This changed with the open data movement, which allows citizens free access to numerous datasets.

Layered: Data Representations in Infrastructure and Design, a presentation at the Center for Architecture to be held on August 2, will address design and the big data revolution, and will explore what the impact may be to current and future infrastructures.

The speakers for the event include Shannon Mattern, PhD, Associate Professor, School of Media Studies, The New School; Ben Wellington, PhD, Quantitative Data Analyst, Two Sigma, Visiting Assistant Professor, City & Regional Planning Program, Pratt Institute; and Luc Wilson, Associate Principal, Director, KPF Urban Interface

How do we access data, how can we use it, and how can we represent it in order to inform clients and agencies to make better design decisions and engage policy discussions?

As the places we inhabit are being monitored and mediated with data-enriched technologies, there emerge new potentials to raise awareness of the presence or absence of infrastructure, to draw connections between networks, and illustrate unseen patterns. More than just numbers and figures, data tells the continually evolving story of humans and our environments.

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