Built Brings Midcentury Charm to Hedley's

Built Brings Midcentury Charm to Hedley's

Built has just completed a remodel for one of L.A.'s go-to healthy neighborhood eateries, Hedley's. Design team John Sofio and Dominique Labaki channeled a midcentury modern residential feel that transformed the space into one that delivers a cozy, sophisticated experience.

A white, angled redwood ceiling - coupled with wood-siding details - adds a fresh dimension and beachy lightness to the space, while the cocktail olive green front patio invites guests to soak up the sunshine. Guests seated inside can peek the outdoor fun through angled glass windows, creating an intimate feel.

An interior decorated with vintage objects and custom-made, textured linen wallpaper adds playfulness, and the Lilac Moresque marble countertop serves as a focal point for hosting friends, old and new alike.


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