SEGD Xlab 2016 - The Intersection of Physical and Digital

SEGD Xlab 2016: The Intersection of Physical + Digital

SEGD's Xlab 2016 will bring together the diverse spectrum of practitioners and visionaries who make digital experiences possible, and the next generation of designers who are innovating our cities, workplaces, and leisure spaces. Xlab is SEGD's signature conference with a focus on the future of experience design and technology for public spaces, interfaces, and interaction.

This year's conference will focus on the Intersection of Physical and Digital across a variety of emergent focus areas such as Smart City Ecosystems, Content and Place, Digital Materials, Virtual Reality and Next Generation Interactivity.

Xlab 2016 begins with tours and workshops on Thursday, October 27, followed by all-day keynote and panel sessions at the SVA Theatre in Manhattan on Friday, October 28.

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