The Wrangler Roadhouse - Localizing an American Icon to Asia Pacific Tastes

The Wrangler Roadhouse: Localizing an American Icon to Asia Pacific Tastes

Wrangler has unveiled a revamped Asia Pacific retail platform designed by UXUS. The new experience was rolled out in key markets, such as India, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia, with further rollouts in the pipeline.

UXUS was tasked with a challenge: how do you take an iconic American brand with an original cowboy heritage and translate this authenticity to the Asia Pacific tastes in a premium and accessible way?

Leveraging a unique consumer insight that in Asia a motorbike rider is the modern day cowboy, the Wrangler Roadhouse captures the spirit of biker hangouts where riders share their stories, passions and get new gear. Going beyond a retail store, it is the destination for new generation of denim lovers to connect, explore and discover the latest denim culture.

A unique and iconic design language inspired by biker hangouts with subtle nods to the Wrangler W monogram creates a premium framework to hold rich product stories with signature lifestyle biker props designed by UXUS.

At the back of the store, the cash desk area is transformed into a social hub and showcase for Wrangler's highly successful crowd sourced biker challenges, streaming latest UGC footage from fans.

In addition to the retail platform, UXUS designed a new brand monogram to create an iconic and instantly recognizable Wrangler hallmark for Asia that can be understood without translations. The monogram becomes a signature 3D signage device that leads and guides customers through the store.

UXUS has also created visual merchandizing and communication guidelines for the region, using simple and contemporary biker props branded with Wrangler monogram to ensure an instantly recognizable brand presentation across all markets in Asia.


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