Serviceplan is Red Dot - Agency of the Year 2016

Serviceplan is Red Dot: Agency of the Year 2016

Serviceplan has been named as the 2016 Red Dot: Agency of the Year. With its innovative campaigns, this partner-led agency proved to be the strongest service provider as demonstrated by its 11 Red Dot and five Red Dot: Best of the Best awards in this year's Communication Design competition.

Every successful agency needs to have a meta-concept. In the case of Serviceplan, it is a move away from the notion of the classic advertising agency as we know it to a "House of Communication." This term is intended to reflect the unusually wide service offering of the group from brand strategy, to web design, online, dialogue and CRM marketing, as well as public relations or sales. This full-service provider brings together the full communication portfolio under one roof.

"One approach is for companies or customers to search out a number of small individual agencies and co-ordinate them on their own, hoping that they will all work together well without being big-headed about it. Or they can choose a somewhat larger agency, a house of communication in the broadest sense, and be looked after by a one-stop shop," stated Alexander Schill, chief creative officer of the Serviceplan Group. "In that case, everything is coordinated and works smoothly right from the start, without requiring elaborate management. There are arguments in favour of both options. We opted for the latter one."

Serviceplan was founded more than 40 years ago by Dr. Peter Haller and Rolf O. Stempel. The guiding business principle of the group is a shareholding programme for partners. Its aim is to ensure that agency holdings are not sold to other networks. The overarching holding is managed by Florian Haller, Dr. Peter Haller, Ronald Focken, Dr. Fabian Prüschenk and Alexander Schill.

Today, Serviceplan has more than 40 specialist companies sub-divided into five brand areas: Serviceplan, Mediaplus, Facit, Plan.Net and Solutions. With customers such as BMW, Saturn, Deutsche Telekom and many others, the agency group is among the international innovative communication elite. Nowadays, Serviceplan employs more than 3,100 people at more than 35 sites in the world's largest cities.


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