TYPO Labs 2017 - New Dimensions in Type Engineering

TYPO Labs 2017: New Dimensions in Type Engineering

After a successful premiere in May 2016, TYPO Labs will open its door again next spring, from April 6 - 8, 2017 in Berlin. With a theme of "New Dimensions in Type Engineering," the 2017 conference will be devoted to the newest developments in font technology, for instance OpenType variations, colour fonts, current language expansions and the newest python tools.

"We are facing new developments of seismic scale," stated conference director J├╝rgen Siebert, "which is expressed with our motto 'New Dimensions in Type Engineering'. Soon it will be possible for the characteristics of a font, for instance the strokes' weight, width, or contrast, to change depending on how you view them. That allows the written word to react to conditions such as screen size, the light, movement and distance to reader."

For three days, TYPO Labs will attract the most influential companies in the font industry to Berlin, including representatives from Google, Microsoft and Adobe. The lab offers a unique opportunity to experience firsthand which tools, technology, and trends are currently at the forefront of typeface development.

In a nutshell: TYPO Labs offer a meeting point for people who have the say in the font industry with the people who listen to them, so that writing and reading will be even more comfortable in the future.

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