Stone Island Prototype Research - Series 01

Stone Island Prototype Research: Series 01

Stone Island has launched Prototype Research Series - a native limited edition project - featuring garments in fabrics and/or treatments born from research and experimentation processes that have not yet been industrialized.

The first one to released, Series 01, is made of a highly reflective fabric, thanks to a resin coating embedding thousands of glass microspheres. It is entirely hand sprayed with a resin-based colour and then oven dried.

The piece is then washed, dried and placed on a flat surface to be laser printed with the all over graphic motif on both sides; the backside also features the lasered Stone Island logo. The numerical control laser beam etches the surface of the garment producing a three dimensional tone-on-tone effect.

The high level of artisanship involved in the process makes each garment unique and unrepeatable. The fabric is water and wind repellent.

Series 01 will be available from Friday, November 4th exclusively on Stone Island website.

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