Axis Creates Innovative Workplace for MOBI

Axis Creates Innovative Workplace for MOBI

Axis recently re-designed the interiors of MOBI, which is a tech startup that offers cloud based software for mobile devices to allow companies to manage all of their employee's devices in an efficient, centralized way. As businesses rely more and more on mobile devices, MOBI has been able to grow rapidly in the last few years. With over 300 employees, it was important for MOBI to create an interior that encouraged interaction and collaboration.

The 60,000-square-foot space has a modern West Coast vibe and includes a movie theater, free local craft beer during the last hour of the workday, and meeting spaces throughout. The layout includes low walls to increase interaction. Soundproof phone booths were also installed to provide privacy for phone calls.

The communal kitchen includes an espresso machine, warming trays, and most importantly: the keg. The space has been instrumental in making MOBI one of the top tech companies to work for in the Midwest. They plan to add another 500 employees by 2020, which includes a $11.5 million office expansion at the Northwest Technology Park in Zionsville.

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