Espacio Premier by New Territory

Espacio Premier by New Territory

New Territory has designed the onboard social space (known as 'Espacio Premier') for Aeromexico's new fleet of Boeing 787-9s. The design is a radical departure from a heavily branded business-class bar experience with limited seating, to a warmer, more welcoming kitchen-style environment, seamlessly integrated into the broader architecture of the aircraft.

"We've thought about aircraft architecture with a view to the future, looking beyond branded interior design and style that so often feels alien to aircraft interiors, as well as to the passenger," commented Luke Miles, director at New Territory. "Instead we've been more sensitive to the airframe to create a space that feels more open, accessible, and more natural for passengers to move around."

The notion 'Espacio Plural' (multiple spaces) was also used to help frame the new geometry of the space, which was conceived to create more than one aspect, more than one appearance. The faceted design encourages the natural flow of people through the space with its clean, unbroken lines and shifting perspectives that reveal different parts and sections of the bar as you walk through it. In addition, the asymmetric forms help to both frame the cabin crew and create sense of 'physical invitation' into the space. The whole area is contained by an impressive 'skylight', a large panel of overhead, flat light that imbues the space with warmth and fosters a sense of familiarity among passengers.

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