Maas Architecten Creates Highly Energy-efficient New Office Space for Vreugdenhil

Maas Architecten Creates Highly Energy-efficient New Office Space for Vreugdenhil

Maas Architecten has designed the new highly energy-efficient 2850sqm head office for Vreugdenhil, located in Nijkerk, the Netherlands. The building features an intelligent climate control system, partial structural glazing and an attractive curved glass fa├žade. In addition - the property has been carefully integrated into the local landscape and in many areas offers 180 degrees views. There are 170 solar panels on the roof, rainwater is used to flush the toilets, and a thermal energy storage system heats and cools the building.

Maas Architecten were presented with a brief that placed importance on creating an office that encourages employees connecting and meeting throughout the building's spaces. Across the property there is a variety of open workplaces for staff to enjoy as well as facilities for flexible workers.

"We are extremely proud of our work on the development of the new Vreugdenhil office - it is genuinely innovative and highly energy-efficient, whilst also being a hugely attractive place to work," commented Erwin Schot of Maas Architecten.

One of the space's most outstanding features is a grand staircase produced by EeStairs, featuring the company's luxurious EeSoffit finish. The lower stage of the staircase is highly accessible with alternate landings every two steps and the inner string of the staircase gradually builds from the lower stage to circle a decorative tree placed in the stair's centre.

"We worked very closely with the team at EeStairs to create a staircase which supported Vreugdenhil's desire to encourage interaction between employees," Schot continued. "We have had great experiences when working with EeStairs before and their portfolio of ambitious projects with likeminded architects speaks for itself."

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