SCI-Arc Launches New Scholarships for SCI-Arc EDGE

SCI-Arc Launches New Scholarships for SCI-Arc EDGE

SCI-Arc has launched four new scholarships for SCI-Arc EDGE, Center for Advanced Studies in Architecture. A scholarship covering the full cost of tuition will be given to exceptional applicants in each of the 3-semester Master degree programs: Master of Science in Architectural Technologies, Master of Science in the Design of Cities, Master of Arts in Fiction and Entertainment, and Master of Science in Design Theory and Pedagogy. Scholarships will be given based on merit and will be available to both domestic and international applicants.

"I'm extremely proud to announce these new scholarships," said David Ruy, Chair of Postgraduate Programs. "It represents SCI-Arc EDGE's complete commitment to forward-thinking scholarship and research during what has now become clear as an uncertain moment in history."

SCI-Arc EDGE is a new platform for advanced studies in architecture. Its innovative postgraduate degree programs are designed to test the theoretical and practical limits of architectural innovation in order to launch new architectural careers for the twenty-first century. Each program identifies a distinct territory in the emerging milieus of the contemporary world and empowers students to become active stakeholders in the construction of the future.

SCI-Arc EDGE, Architectural Technologies is a one-year (three term) postgraduate degree program leading to a Master of Science in Architectural Technologies. Students acquire expertise in technologies such as robotic fabrication, computational and parametric methods of form generation, additive manufacturing, and machine vision, but more importantly, students are asked to maintain a speculative interest in those technologies that haven't even been invented yet. In anticipation of future technologies that we haven't yet seen or imagined, the program develops a robust conceptual and critical framework for understanding technology's long-standing relationship to architecture in general.

SCI-Arc EDGE, Fiction and Entertainment is a one-year (three term) postgraduate degree program leading to a Master of Arts in Fiction and Entertainment. This program is focused on building new forms of architectural practice allied with the worlds of film, fiction, animation, marketing, games, and documentary. Working with world-renowned collaborators from these disciplines and deeply embedded within the fiction and entertainment industries of Los Angeles, this program is designed to be a place where we can tell new stories about the alternative realities of the twenty-first century.

SCI-Arc EDGE, Design of Cities is a one-year (three term) postgraduate degree program leading to a Master of Science in the Design of Cities. The Design of Cities program seeks to clarify the ambiguous mission of urban design by foregrounding design as the primary area of focus. Rather than surrendering design to being nothing more than an accidental byproduct of planning policies and capital investment instruments, this program makes a commitment to the premise that new constituencies and economies can also emerge from innovative design concepts. Against the conventional wisdom that cities are hopelessly complex informal networks beyond the reach of any design model, this program fundamentally believes in the power of the architectural imagination to invent meaningful and sustainable cities for the twenty-first century and beyond.

SCI-Arc EDGE, Design Theory and Pedagogy is a unique one-year (three term) postgraduate degree program leading to a Master of Science in Design Theory and Pedagogy. This program focuses on the development an intellectual framework that can sustain a life-long theoretical project in architecture. Students are given substantial opportunities for acquiring practical teaching experiences in how such an intellectual framework can find synergies in pedagogical practices today. Utilizing SCI-Arc itself as a hands-on teaching laboratory, the long-term project of this program is to develop new design pedagogies and construct a new apparatus for the production of design theory.

The deadline for SCI-Arc EDGE's postgraduate degree programs is January 15, 2017.


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