The Natural Balance - Studio Lorier Launches Self Watering Flowerpot on Kickstarter

The Natural Balance: Studio Lorier Launches Self Watering Flowerpot on Kickstarter

Studio Lorier has unveiled the ultimate self-watering flowerpot: The Natural Balance. This pot works with a unique mechanism that slowly feeds the plant and lets you know when the plant needs water.

The flowerpot is made from high quality ceramic and has an integrated water reservoir, which keeps the plant's soil hydrated. The pot and the reservoir are divided by a water-permeable part, made from earthenware. This material lets water through gradually, only when the plant need it and prevents it from soaking the soil.

The reservoir is positioned on one side of the pot. When empty, the weight is no longer equally divided over the pot and The Natural Balance will slightly tip over, to let you know a refill is needed. Simply refill the reservoir and the flowerpot will return to its upright position.

Studio Lorier designed it as an easy to use and analog solution that does not rely any apps or electronics. The Natural Balance is designed for people who are tired of watering plants on a daily basis, don't know how much water a plant needs or for those who go on long vacations. "We wanted to design something that helps people in their everyday life and take something of their busy minds," Designer Sander Lorier stated.

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