Jaguar I-Pace Ad by Frame

Jaguar I-Pace Ad by Frame

Jaguar's new ad features a hypnotic ride through an abstract and hypnotic universe to launch it's all new electric sports car: the I-Pace Concept. The film was directed by Tom Crate from Frame.

Frame collaborated with Dirty Films and Spark 44 London to reveal features of the car and it's noteworthy design through an alluring, infinitely zooming world. As we travel through a universe comprised of kaleidoscopic tunnels of light and abstract shapes, features of the car become more detailed and defined, and the car's geography is unraveled.

The primary inspiration of the film was the White Stripes music video "Seven Nation Army." The journey is hypnotic and relentless, evoking feelings of forward motion as if being carried by the smooth but powerful electric engine from Jaguar. The "infinite zoom" effect makes the entire film one seamless trip through the formation of the new electric car from Jaguar.

The biggest challenge was to blend live action footage of the car with stylized CG imagery and to keep it all scaling up constantly without showing any degradation in the image. All the footage was shot in 6K on a RED Weapon camera. All the shots were taken from a static camera with the forward motion being applied in post to create the artificially smooth zoom effect.

Rival Consoles (Ryan West) was approached to compose the score and to apply his brand of music to the film. Ryan worked closely with Frame and Dirty Films to develop sounds that built a strong synergy between track and picture.


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