Valspar Colors of the Year 2017

Valspar Colors of the Year 2017

Valspar recently unveiled its 2017 Colors of The Year, a curated collection of 12 hues to help consumers choose the perfect paint for revitalizing their homes.

The 2017 Valspar Colors of the Year are fresh yet familiar and inspired by a range of lifestyle influences from culture, fashion, design, nature and technology. The dozen 'it' hues reflect key prevailing trends: sustainable and simplistic living, spirituality and self-improvement.

"Choosing a color for a project can be challenging when options are endless," commented Sue Kim, Valspar Color Strategist. "So, we've curated a collection of 12 livable hues to give consumers choice and confidence in discovering and expressing their own style."

Lowe's: 6007-6C Crushed Oregano/ Ace: VR044A Fickle Pickle/ Independent Retailers: V057-5 Parrot Feather

A botanical yellow green springs to the forefront as eco-friendly products, services and living have become more accessible to all. Fresh, leafy and full of life, this hue can bring the energy of the outdoors in. "This is a balanced yellow green that captures the essence of spring's first blooms."

Lowe's: 2009-6 Autumn Russet/ Ace: VR036A Red Maple/ Independent Retailers: V044-6 Red Maple

A baked terra cotta hue channels russet leather and rustic tiles, reflecting a renewed respect for the earth's rich but limited resources. This color is instantly welcoming and warm. "The balance of orange and red with a splash of brown gives this shade a warm, weathered look."

Lowe's: 5006-2A Wet Pavement/ Ace: VR108D Silver Bonnet/ Independent Retailers: V121-1 Silver Bonnet

This warm stone gray is a must-have neutral that encompasses the timeless and enduring beauty of natural materials. Reminiscent of wet cement, cut limestone and river pebbles, this hue is a strong foundation for any style. "The warmth in this gray gives it versatility to pair with any color scheme."

Lowe's: 4006-10C Vivid Blue/ Ace: VR028A Blueprint/ Independent Retailers: V035-3 Blueprint

This bright ultramarine is crisp and stimulating, evoking a feeling of endless possibility. "This blue is inspired by the depths of the ocean, yet has the edginess of an artificial color. Go bold by accenting a doorway with a painted frame."

Lowe's: 2006-4B Peach Encounter/ Ace: VR037D Word of Mouth/ Independent Retailers: V046-2 Coral Wisp

This spirited blush apricot hue is ripe with personality. Inspired by the healthy-living trend, there's nothing shy about this shade, it brings a glow wherever it goes. Kim says, "This color is sheer, yet lush and layered with yellow undertones that radiate energy and positivity."

Lowe's 5002-5B Dreamy Clouds/ Ace: VR080E Snow in June/ Independent Retailers: V102-1 Snow in June

This dreamy sky blue is soothing, restful and restorative. It reflects today's spotlight on sleep and its importance in health and productivity. "This light, airy blue is instantly calming and helps to restore natural rhythms."

Lowe's: 3007-4B Daisy Spell/ Ace: VR042E Dear Melissa/ Independent Retailers: V054-1 Dear Melissa

An airy, luminous yellow comes to light as new technological innovations elevate sensory stimulation. "This color can fill a room with light and awaken all five senses."

Lowe's: 4010-2 Twilight Purple/ Ace: VR089A Black Currant/ Independent Retailers: V125-6 Black Currant

This deep violet black has a powerful influence, symbolizing the mainstreaming of meditation and mindfulness as a way to get in touch with our inner senses. "The violet undertone in this midnight black gives it a distinct personality - dark, decorative and a bit moody."

Lowe's: 7006-3 Promenade/ Ace: 22-1A Wedding Cake/ Independent Retailers: V155 Soft Wool

This perfect, peaceful white provides respite from the noise and stress of daily life at work and home. Timely and timeless - white used deliberately makes all the difference. "With a touch of warm gray, this white gives a more relaxed and natural feel than a crisp pure white."

Lowe's: 5002-1B Smoke Infusion/ Ace: VR110C Rock Solid/ Independent Retailers: V140-3 Rock Solid

Soft silver sage enjoys resurgence as the movement to de-clutter and pare down is in play. The hue is versatile, reliable and reimagined for living simply, yet satisfied. "Sage green and silvery gray blend together in one of the most versatile and beautiful neutrals - perfect for today's popular warm wood floors."

Lowe's: 4006-6B Roadster Blue/ Ace: VR056B Lake Henry/ Independent Retailers: V070-5 Lake Henry

This easygoing pond blue hue is popular because of our increased desire for comfort and convenience. Friendly, trustworthy and effortless-- this shade goes with the flow and pairs seamlessly with everything. "This mid-toned blue with a hint of gray has an alluring quality that draws you in."

Lowe's: 4002-8A Sweet Violet/ Ace: VR058C Safe Haven/ Independent Retailers: V037-2 Safe Haven

A modern blue violet emerges capturing the free-spirited nature of nomadic work styles enabled by technology and embraced by a generation placing less importance on roots, and instead focusing on experiences. This hue is energizing and expressive. "Part trustworthy blue, part mysterious violet - you might see a bit of both in this hue depending on the time of day."

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