figure3 Designs Small Format Bookstore for Penguin

figure3 Designs Small Format Bookstore for Penguin

figure3 was tasked with designing an Instagram-friendly retail space for Penguin in a footprint of just 158sf. With a brief to create something that read like a departure from a traditional bookstore, they set to work creating a shop that fosters a sense of discovery, wonder and visual delight.

Floating ledges, immersive displays and mobile bookshelves all serve to showcase a carefully curated selection of titles and merchandise. Oversized, pantry-style pull out storage glide out on a ceiling mounted rail system to reveal books and branded swag. Wrapped in magnetic vinyl designed to resemble book spines, the space can quickly be re-skinned creating an affordable way to keep the store constantly evolving.

The modest footprint is anchored by a branded backlit wall and moveable display units that allow product to be positioned outside the shop front, inviting passersby to venture in.


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