Boardfish - Production-Proven Page Layout Tool Designed Specifically for Storyboards

Boardfish: Production-Proven Page Layout Tool Designed Specifically for Storyboards

Boardfish is a stand-alone page layout application designed specifically for the purpose of storyboarding. Boardfish instantly assembles panels into a professional storyboard layout with the flexibility to easily edit and customize layouts.

Developed as an in-house tool at San Francisco-based design and production company Swordfish, Boardfish is the first tool being productized through Mekajiki, Swordfish's sister company.

"Since we started up Swordfish 4 years ago we have created numerous tools to help solve our production problems," said Matt Silverman, Executive Creative Director/CEO, Mekajiki/Swordfish. "Most of our projects require boards of some sort -mood boards, storyboards, UX flows, shooting boards- and I have always been frustrated by the inefficient toolsets found in our off-the-shelf software for assembling boards. Over the past decade I've helped design and develop storyboard plug-ins and scripts for After Effects and InDesign, but nothing completely solved my production problems. I finally decided that the only way to do it right was to build a full-blown OS X application, and with the help of my partners at Mekajiki Boardfish was born."

Boardfish's features include:
- Drag and drop images to instantly create boards
- Up to four captions per panel can be positioned on any side of the image
- Panels can be rearranged, deleted or hidden with automatic animated reflowing
- Complete control of page size/orientation, panel layout, panel spacing, fonts, and colors
- Panel Labels for Panel Numbers and Scene/Shot Numbers.
- Ability to import corporate logos for Title Page and Headers/Footers
- Custom layouts can be saved into Preset Templates
- Export to PDF or Print directly from Boardfish
- Native OSX Application