Teknion Sanna Lightbar by Pablo Pardo

Teknion Sanna Lightbar by Pablo Pardo

Teknion has expanded the Teknion Sanna by Pablo collection of LED lamps and task lighting with the new Sanna Lightbar.

Sanna Lightbar provides a high-performance lighting experience through its angles and shapes that transform it from a companion ambient light to a work-focused task light. The product was created as a response to a growing trend of increased emphasis and prominence of lighting as a multipurpose workplace design tool. Sanna Lightbar fuses utility and fashion, directly impacting well-being at work.

"Lightbar's design was initiated as a process of exploration and reduction," explained Pablo Pardo, designer of the Lightbar. "As the Lightbar program developed, we stripped away many traditional task light elements, asking each component to deliver more function. As a result, the light source is seamlessly embedded in the swing-arm mechanism, while the reach support arm also acts as a secondary shade element when the light is folded. The functional efficiency of the light greatly informed its design direction. Free of decorative elements or embellishments, the result in a pure expression of light with a premium material palette."

Sanna Lightbar's linear LED light is cleverly integrated into its sophisticated swing-arm mechanism, which hovers across a horizontal plane below the user's line of sight. Ergonomic and glare-free, it allows the user to articulate maximum light coverage across a surprisingly wide area on the desktop, then fold it away to half its size and provide a controlled ambient light.

Sanna Lightbar occupies a minimal footprint, vital in today's workspace where real estate is at a premium. The freestanding base features soft material inlay options, a refuge for mobile devices or other precious belongings. Edge-clamp and thru-mount options reduce the footprint even further.

"Sanna Lightbar provides a truly high-performance lighting experience via its simple and elegant form, 360-degree adjustment and full-range dim control that transform it from a companion ambient light to a work-focused task light," stated Dannion Smith, Director, Ergonomic Initiatives, Teknion. "Task lighting is typically the last tool to be chosen for a workspace, and too often is treated as an accessory or an afterthought. Sanna Lightbar has been designed as an integrated component of Teknion's extensive furniture portfolio, a light that's technically and visually compatible across the full range. Sanna Lightbar can be playful and energizing, elevated and subtle. It lets you create the lighting experience to complement your mood, task or time of day."