Branch Designs Plume Wifi Pods

Branch Designs Plume Wifi Pods

Designed by Branch in partnership with Plume, Plume WiFi Pods are a fast, reliable WiFi solution that cover every inch of a home, without a router. With a jewel-like shape, the Pods work with the Plume Cloud to achieve optimized connection with a small profile.

The subtle yet sophisticated Pods are plugged into a wall socket in each room of the house, while the Plume Cloud manages the network, monitoring the network and the devices connected to it. The system continuously makes decisions to improve the signal, speed, and resiliency.

Throughout the design process, Branch focused on the user; the goal of Plume is to simplify the user experience, and the design needed to reflect that. With no external buttons, screens or vents, users know they can simply plug them in, fire up the app, and get connected. Whereas regular WiFi systems are eyesores that are kept out of sight, the Plume Pods are designed to be perceived like a small gem on the wall, with materials and finishes that bring an elegance more akin to home furnishings than something associated with consumer electronics.


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