HENN Wins Competition to Design Central Business District, Changchun

HENN Wins Competition to Design Central Business District, Changchun

HENN won the first prize in the international competition for the design of the Central Business District (CBD) in Changchun. Changchun is an industrial city in north eastern China and is regarded as the centre of the Chinese automobile industry.

The staggered street grids of the surrounding areas were the starting point for the design because they extend into the area and intersect with each other to form diverse building footprints. The three office towers are of different heights and were positioned in such a way that the neighbouring residential district is not overshadowed.

The environmental conditions - wind, position of the sun, shade and the severe winters in the region - were crucial for the formulation of the building masses and façades. The aerodynamic profile of the building reduces the down draughts and thereby improves the quality of life on the streets and squares. While the façades are more firmly closed in the main wind direction, the influx of light is increased to the north and south, opening up the view of the neighbouring parks.

The southern section of the building project is intended for office use while hotels and a conference centre are planned for the north. The aim of the office areas is to attract tenants from the fields of research and technology. In contrast to the traditional, massive plinth construction, the high-rise buildings stand in a public space where paths and squares interlock with the surrounding green areas on a local scale. Small-scale retail and gastronomy zones are planned for the public areas. The shop units extend over two to three levels and open up onto a protected courtyard area attractively developed in the form of a landscape garden.


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