Solaris Light Installation by Bardula

Solaris Light Installation by Bardula

Gilles & Boissier tasked Bardula to create a monumental kinetic light installation in the entrance of Moncler's new flagship at 650 Madison Avenue, at 59th Street, Manhattan, launched last week.

Solaris is a symmetrical installation made of 24 gold metal blades 13 feet 
tall that face each other and expand geometrically to form a distorted sphere, creating a magnetic and solar space that one can step into.

"The successive layers of gold and LED light produce a star effect and movement that follows the viewer," Bardula explained. "This is volume represents the centre of our immediate universe - the solar system - and takes the visitor to the heart of the ultimate star: the sun. The individual enters the centre of the world, where radiates the golden light. The space opens up in response to the visitor, immersing him or her in a volume distorted by a mysterious force - his or her own."

Visible from the street, this installation signals the identity that Gilles & Boissier are seeking for their concept through the collaboration of artists. Here, on Madison Avenue in New York City, Bardula's work invites passers-by to immerse themselves in a light experience and discover the universe around them.

Gilles & Boissier